Was at a loose end, so I attached my little 22mm pancake lens to the camera and decided to wander around Basingstoke.

Canon M50mk2/Canon 22mm EF-M

Winchester in 35mm

I had another 35mm film, so decided to load up the Canon T90 and wander around Winchester to use it up.

Canon T90/Tokina 28mm

Testing out an 80s Canon T90 35mm SLR

Story begins when my parents found a camera bag stuffed under a bed in the house they’d bought in France last year. Turns out it contains a Canon T90, which was the top of the range camera in 1986, and a handful of lenses. It was passed my way to potentially sell on, but first I wanted to make sure it actually worked. After close inspection, it appears that two of the three lenses are unfortunately beyond saving, either having dirt or mould inside, but luckily the 28mm Tokina lens was fine after a small amount of cleaning. [Read More]

Let's Try This Again

And once again, I welcome you to my new website, which is the same as the last one, except it now looks different and works differently behind the scenes. Why am I starting again? Firstly, because it’s been so long since I did anything with the last incarnation, it feels like a fresh start is in order. Secondly, I wanted to try a new way of hosting this rather than simply using Blogspot and pointing my own domain name at it, which is lazy and as a computer person, I can do better. [Read More]